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鈼哋ur History Established in 2013 鈼哋ur Factory A GLOBAL LEADER IN Filling Sealing and PACKAGING Machines! AFPAK specializes in developing the very best and various packing solutions that will satisfy you and your customers. State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of every product we offer. But the wealth of experience and exceptional customer service are what really set us apart from competitors. Professional engineers are our the most powerful support, but they are not limited to yesterday`s technology. We are following the latest technology and applying to every product we made. So our goods are high appreciated by our clients for its Good performance, Durability and users鈥?friendly. 鈼哋ur Product Custom-build filling sealing packaging machines, complete packaging line 鈼哖roduct Application Food and drinks: coffee, juice, water, milk, etc 鈼哋ur Certificate CE Coffee Capsule Filling Machine suppliers website:

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